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Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours to Construction Sites and Architects

Construction professionals are able to streamline documentation, speed up as built designs and collaborate on projects quicker. Since time on site is very limited, our virtual tours enables all stakeholders to better understand challenges and opportunities of existing spaces that drive major decisions. We are certain that our virtual tour will save time throughout all the development process and in construction, time means big money.

360º virtual tours are also highly beneficial to real estate and construction sites. Such tours include 3D computer models and perspectives that provide real-time assessment for both design studies that are done in-house or for presentation to prospective clients. With a virtual 360-degree tour, it is possible to analyze an existing building’s design. It is also possible to give prospective clients visiting the construction’s site website an actual view of the showcased properties from hotels to homes and other forms of existing properties as though they were actually there.

– 360 Virtual Tour Solutions

Benefits of 360º virtual tours come in many forms both to the clients and owners. The main benefit to the investor, or owner of the building under construction is the progress report it can provide. The 360º tour can virtually offer timely and consistent reports for any construction site, such that no physical visit to the site is required. Investors and top management can know the status of any project at their own discretion. It thus saves them time, cost and efforts involved in physically monitoring the progress of the construction.

360º tours are also beneficial to clients. With the tour, they can see the map of the site, as well as the construction itself. It thus saves them time and effort in having to physically visit a construction site that they may end up not being interested in at all. A 360º tour provides a good basis for instant decision-making due to the sufficient information it provides. It is also a good marketing incentive, since potential clients will always prefer easy access to real estate information before they can actually visit the location.

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